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Top SEO Marketplace List To Hire a Professional Expert in Cheap Price

Do you need more traffic for your blog or company, but no time?. Do you want to hire a professional SEO expert but don’t know where? Well, actually we write mostly on saving money but a few days ago, an individual thought came to my mind. Why should I not tell you about some cheap and top SEO marketplace list where you can hire a professional SEO consultant as well as save your money rather hiring expensive SEO agencies.

Should I not tell you about SEO Marketplaces where you can great services but the results should be equal to those expensive services?. This way you can save money but also get great results.

Today I have prepared the top SEO Marketplace list where you can hire a professional SEO expert. But before going into this, first, I will tell you who to hire? and what should you consider before hiring an SEO consultant?

How to Hire a Professional SEO Expert?

The first thing you need to do is find someone with a good track record. Everyone tries to Google to find the relevant person, which helps them with search engine optimization.

The fact that this person understands SEO does not mean that he is really good at it. If they don’t have an online ranking of their own blog, then they may not be very good at SEO.

Since I will be talking here about SEO experts that provide their services over top SEO marketplaces that’s why when you are looking for someone, you should ask them for their SEO profile and what they have achieved in their career. And ask them what rankings they have provided to others.

The second thing you need to do is not to hire anyone full time. Take a look at trying them out on your website and see their results.

While hiring someone just say

“Hey” take a look at my website. What do you think? And ask them to list off the five SEO changes that you would recommend.

It would be great if they could tell you. If they can’t, it means they may not be very good at SEO. A truly SEO expert should just look at the source code of your website, and then tell you within a few minutes what went wrong actually.

What Is The Top SEO Marketplace To Hire a Professional SEO Expert

Since I’ve compiled this list into best and cheap places to hire a professional SEO expert I will be listing here the top SEO marketplaces where you can hire SEO freelancers.


Do you consider hiring a freelance SEO expert? Then you may have heard of Fiverr, a global online marketplace that offers thousands of services, starting at just $5 with a fee for each completed job. But is Fiverr worth it?

I will share my thoughts on the freelance market in a 100% honest Fiverr review.

If you are looking for very cheap prices to hire SEO consultants I would recommend to sign up for Fiverr.

Fiverr is one of the top SEO marketplace
Sign Up For Fiverr Now

Before leaving this article to hire a professional SEO expert, you first need to know something that can improve your experience with this platform.

Some sources indicate that Fiverr currently lists more than 3 million services on the site, ranging from $5 to $500. Some of the Fiverr gigs offer a higher price than $5, but there is a reason for this higher price.

Be careful when hiring a professional SEO expert. Take a little look at the reputation of the seller, like buyer reviews, the number of completed orders, and most important the level of the seller.

Fiverr divides the sellers into different levels, 0 level, level 1, level 2, and pro. It is likely that the higher level sellers will demand a little high price but they have good reputation. With a high price, they will also offer more services than the cheap one.


I like because you can have real conversations with potential freelancers in real-time. You can chat instantly with them. Possibly many others recommend you Fiverr where you can get the job done cheaply but you can’t communicate in real-time with the SEO expert that you are hiring.

With, you can place your SEO project in minutes and advertise it to the freelancers. The freelancers will bid on your project and you will meet many different freelancers who will provide you with projects and briefly explain why you should hire them as an SEO expert.

You can also see how much money they are willing to work for. When you find someone who you think that person will give you the value that meets your budget, then you can talk to that person in real-time and ask him questions that you may want to get answers before hiring someone.

You don’t have a lot of budgets to get the work done?. Sign up to, the largest online team of millions of qualified freelancers where you can hire a professional SEO expert within your budget. They will do whatever you can imagine.

You can compare the prices of the biddings submitted by freelancers. Each freelancer has his own profile where you can find his/her qualifications and see reviews of their previous buyers.

After hiring the most suitable SEO expert you can decide when to release funds by setting up milestones. So what are you waiting for? Register now with and find the right person for your project. is one of the top SEO marketplace to hire professional experts
Sign up to, which is a top SEO marketplace


Actually, this is a service where you can do it as a buyer and hire people who provide SEO services such as possible backlinks and traffic packets, and all of these services, and even get advice.

It also provides other SEO features, such as code clerks, they list the Doc Pix el Clerks workbooks, and I actually think that many of them are excellent.

This also takes place in this list of top SEO marketplace because it has attracted a lot of attention. Many people wonder if I should use it or not, will it increases my traffic, sales, my rankings and that sort of things. That’s why I just wanted to talk about seoclerks.

Whether you know it or you may not know it. Maybe someone recommends it to you. There is an affiliate program, so many people are promoting it.

Actually, this is a great alternative to the Fiverr Marketplace. If you have not heard of it, you can sign up. I have a special coupon link. You get $10 for free. Sign up and get a $10 in a coupon.

Seoclerks is also a top SEO marketplace sign up now and get $10 Free
Seoclerks is also a top SEO marketplace – Sign up now with my link and get $10 Free

You can get almost everything here you can buy on Fiverr. If you are looking for a cheaper offer, such as $1 this a great cheaper alternatives to help you with online marketing.

In Fiverr, all prices start at $5, so $5 is good, but if I tell you, you can even hire a professional SEO expert for less than $5. Many people may know Seoclerks, but many don’t know about it because you never hired SEO experts here and because they are less popular.

Or because they don’t know if they are good to use, but let me tell you it is 100% perfect. Seoclerks is similar to Fiverr, they have gigs and then you buy the gigs.


In essence, Freeeup is a new freelance marketplace where you can find and hire professional SEO experts. If you are looking for an SEO consultant in terms of user interface and interaction with freelancers, and information about them, this marketplace could be a good fit.

However, compared to Upwork or Fiverr, they are less popular. But one point that I liked this marketplace is their vetting system. Over thousands of applicants each week they only let top 1% of applicants in the system.

They don’t have a rating or feedback system after completing a project by freelancers. I posted three different SEO projects and I did try to observe what would happen.

Sign UP to Freeeup Marketplace
Sign UP to Freeeup Marketplace

The hourly rate is between $18-30, which I think is not bad. I don’t care how many hours they need to complete my project. So eventually I hired an SEO expert. I gave him a short description of what I want to get from him or where I want to go.

The overall job was done very well although it was not so special, but in the future, I might use this boy again for similar projects.


You would be amazed why actually I placed this most popular top SEO marketplace at the end of the list. The reason for this because Upwork is a little bit expensive as compared to other freelance marketplaces.

Fortunately, this is a top SEO marketplace to easily contact the best freelancers who are ready to work.

Upwork is still the best online store where you can find great freelancers. If you think Upwork is right for you, then there are three main reasons why Upwork still holds the top spot when looking for great or new talent.

The first reason is that one of the biggest and top online marketplaces to find the best SEO experts and freelancers for other work. Here you ‘ll find the number of freelancers available to you worldwide.

With this huge advantage, there is a disadvantage of using Upwork. Their fees are very high, especially compared to other similar sites like Freelancer, Fiverr or Seoclerks.

But you have to pay this huge fee because you have a larger market to choose from. If you have decided to look for SEO services in this marketplace, I recommend three things.

  • First: if you choose Upwork, your client profile should be filled completely, because if freelancers apply for your job, they must pay each time they apply for a job. Therefore, make sure that your profile is completely filled out and that potential freelancers understand that you are serious.
  • Second: This is probably one of the most important. Before posting a project, check your billing information because freelancers will see if your payment method has been verified. It also affects the quality and number of people you get applying to your job.
  • Third: You should not buy a subscription if you are just at the beginning. Go with a free plan. The difference between free plan and a $50 monthly plan is that with the free plan, you can only invite three freelancers, so only three people can apply for your job for free. Everyone else needs to pay to apply for your project. If you pay $50 a month, you can invite 15 people, but if you are just getting started, you don’t need to do this.

Fiverr Vs Freeeup Which One is Top SEO Marketplace

I want to talk about the difference between the Fiverr and Freeeup. Fiverr is a very popular website that has been around for a long time. There are also rumors that they are going public and many use Fiverr exclusively for one-time projects and $5 budget projects.

So let’s talk about the differences. Fiverr is a huge platform and has many freelancers. If you want to look for different SEO experts and people who offer different products and services, this is a good place.

The disadvantage of Fiverr is that anyone can enter Fiverr and create a free account and provide services, so there is no initial control like the Freeeup marketplace has.

Fiverr has a rating system that Freeeup does not have, and you can definitely switch from someone with more votes to someone with fewer votes. From conversations with other customers, and from my experience at Fiverr, I can say that just because you hire someone with a good reputation, you don’t necessarily get a great experience.

However, Freeeup only allows 1% of freelancers on the platform. Every week, thousands of job seekers from all over the world come and apply as a freelancer but they choose only 1% not only in terms of skills but also in relationships and communication. You can safely and easily interview the SEO consultants and hire them if you think they are a good fit for your project.

If you ask me I think Fiverr is a better place to hire a professional SEO expert. It doesn’t mean that Freeeup is not fit for you but my recommendation is just based on popularity.

Best SEO Marketplace That Saves Your Money and Gets You More Sales

Do you want to promote your business like a pro? You can be the best in your business, and unless the customers who need you, come to know about you, you will be the best-kept secret in town.

The first step to promoting your site, would be of course getting you on the first page of Google. Being on page one of Google is every business owner’s dream.

And when you are organically found by your customers, it saves on advertising dollars.

You can then repurpose your advertising dollars to better use, and increase your reach in far more effective ways.

Besides, millions of people including me, trust organic page one rankings, more than paid spots.

You can re-evaluate and see where else you can improve efficiency, save on expenses, and what other processes might need improvement.

There is a solution for every problem. However, you might not need all of them at once.

You can hire SEO services from any of the above marketplaces. Try to look for a service provider that offers cheap price and more services. Instead of hiring an unknown expensive SEO agency it is better to hire an SEO expert from the above top marketplaces.

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