The Fastest Way To Make Money Online In 2021

The Fastest Way To Make Money Online In 2021

As you know there are thousand of articles on Internet about fastest way to make money online or all kind of apps which help you to make $300 - $400 evan $500 a day, 80% percent of the articles are fake and are made only for clickbait (especially on Youtube) only few of them are working as are described.

In this article we will talk about one of the fastest way to make money online from your laptop with few hours of work everyday. Just so you know, this is now a method which generate money without work, you will need to stay stick to the method and improve it daily in order to get better results, also you'll have to learn new things, test them and also improve them when it needs. I will give you all required steps you need to do in order to earn your first money on the Internet, but from this point you will have to scale it and maybe find new strategies and tricks.

Fastest Way To Make Money Online

For this particular method we will use the following tools and websites:

  • Clickbank
  • Linktree
  • Instagram

Clickbank is one of the biggest affiliate marketplace which provides a lot of products from where you can choose to promote them, also they have more than 20 years of experience and more than $4 billion dollars paid. You can create a free account and get access to all products and its details. There are mora than 15 categories from where you can choose a product, but the most profitable are: E-Business & E-Marketing, Health & Fitness, Relationships and Spirituality.

Linktree is a free tool which will help you to make the connection between the Clickbank product and Instagram account (we will talk about this later), in other words, this tool will create for you a simple website page with a list of links (it''s fully customisable by you). We need to use this tool because Instagram does not allow us to add direct Clickbank links in the bio. (evan if you use or other websites like this, Instagram will know and will block you account).

Instagram there is no need to tell you what this website does, but we will talk about few strategies to grow your Instagram account in order to get your first sales.

One of the fastest way to make money online

For the sake of this tutorial we will use the Spirituality category in Clickbank.

How to make money online

Step 1. Create a free account on Clickbank, than go to Marketplace (it's a button in the header), than click on Spirituality, new age & alternative beliefs category. Once the page loaded you will see the screen from the above screenshot. There are a lot of products in this category, but you can find out which product is doing well by checking the Grav parameter. (Gravity means how many affiliates made a sale in the last 30 days). Using the Grav parameter we can know that the first 2 products are doing very well, anyway you need to check other things liks: Sales page, product's assets and also you need to check the product reviews on Google before starting to promote a certain product.

Step 2. Choose a product. The numerology product is doing well nowadays, I saw a lot of people promoting it on the Instagram and I am pretty sure you can make a sale in the first 24 hours if you focus on the task. To promote a product you just have to click on Promote button, than in the popup which will appear, click on Generate Hoplink.

Step 3. Create a free account on Linktree and create a page where you will have to add your affiliate link. Publish the page and get the link.

Step 4. Create an Instagram account. You will have to create an Instagram account related to your product, so your Instagram page name should be something related to: medation, yoga, mindfullness, just come up with a catchy name.

Step 5. Brand your Instagram account. This is one of the most important steps because you will have to create a branding for your account. What you have to do:

  • Use the same palette colour for all your posts (2-3 colors)
  • Create a professional logo (create a free account on Canva - with this tool you can create a lot of graphic assets very easy)
  • Add your details to the bio (I will give you an example on how your bio should look like)

As you can see in the below screenshot there is no branding on this page, there are a lot of posts which are different, a lot of colours, it doesn't look good at all.

Also check the below account. As you can see they have branding, there are only 2 or 3 types of posts and also they use only few colours, this is what you have to do to your account.

A little below you can see an example of bio, it can be improved but something like this you should have too.

Here, in bio you have to add your Linktree URL (the url you just generated few minutes ago). At this point you already have all steps done. But you maybe ask yourself how can I make money? Let me explain this.

Now you will have to grow your Instagram account and here it's what you have to do:

  • Create content (3-4 posts every day)
  • Use relevant hashtags for every post (up to 9 hashtags per post, also when you have less than 1k followers, use hashtags with less than 300k posts)
  • Try to create stories daily
  • Also take advantage of IGTV

Also you can try the follow back strategy, where you navigate to other page in your niche and follow all people which liked a photo from your competitor, a lot of people will follow you back, and when they do, you will DM them and ask them if they are interested in your product. (make some research when you create your sale message, make it sounds friendly and not as a sale speech)

Besides these you can also try a more easier method to get followers, buying a shoutout on popular pages in your niche.

Maybe you say this does not look like the fastest way to make money online, but there is no way to make money without working. I know it might sounds complicated but in fact it's easier than you think, you just need get started and the things will begin easier, this is one of the easiest and fastest way to make money online and the best thing about this method, it's tested by a lot of people and it's working if you implement it well. Let me know if you need any help in the comments section, also if you want to find out new ways to make money online check posts here.

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