Perpetual Income 365 Review, Legit or Fake Affiliate Marketing Product?

Perpetual Income 365 Review, Legit or Fake Affiliate Marketing Product?

We all want a life where money does not represent a problem, spent more time with our friends and family or maybe travel around the world to see and learn new things from people. Although this goal is difficult, with the right tools and a minimum of will it can become a reality.
A problem that many people face when trying to make money online is that they are trying a lot of methods and strategies in the same, in order to succeed making money online you have to stick to a method and try it until it starts to generate money, even if the method will start to make money in a month or 2, it does not matter because in all this time you already learnt a lot of new things which will help you to earn money online easier than before.
In the following we will talk about a system 100% beginner friendly made for everyone who wants to start the journey of creating multiple sources of passive income.

What is Perpetual Income 365?

Perpetual income 365 is a system made for all begginers which want to start make money online but it still works for the most experienced marketers, the package includes web hosting, 2 ready-made squeeze templates, an email followup sequence and guides to understand better the concept of affiliate marketing and how to use solo ads to generate traffic for your landing pages (squeeze templates).

What is Perpetual Income 365?

In other words, after you read the guides and watch all the videos you will have a base from where you can start. Then, using the steps you have just learnt using the platform, you will have to send traffic to those squeeze pages. When someone will make a purchase, it will cost $47 and you will receive 50% commission from that sale. The best part here is that when somebody make a purchase from your squeeze page, you will receive 50% commission every month until that user will unsubscribe for the service.

How Much You Can Earn?

Let’s put it this way, the amount you’re willing to spend will likewise equate to the amount of earning potential you’ll get from the traffic you pay.
Truth be told, anything that tells you they’ll get you great results at no cost should be an instant red flag.
You need to spend some to get some, that’s just fair, right?
With that said, you may have your reservations because this system is so affordable that it sounds kinda iffy.
All you need to pay is $47 each month as your monthly membership fee.
As long as you keep your user fee updated, you’ll have full access to the system.
Asking how much you’ll make with the system is the most asked question in every affiliate marketing system.
IF you follow the system ‘to a T’ and everything goes well, you can be on the way to earning $432 per day.

What Do You Get Out of the Program?

Perpetual Income 365 is divided into several modules or videos.

Make money online with perpetual income 365

It’s important to note that the author of this program aims to make sure it’s accessible and useful to any person of any experience—regardless if you’re a noob or relatively comfortable with technology.
This essentially explains why this system has gained so much popularity and interest real quick.
The first video is essentially the introductory material.
The author will walk you through all the essential information—basic concepts, how the system will work to your advantage, and even help you determine your break-even and ROI points.
Another video will then teach you how you can make a practical approach.
This means you’ll know how to set your expectations towards the next months, both in a practical and realistic sense.
This way you won’t fall into the pit of unreasonable expectations.
In another video, you’ll learn more about affiliate marketing.
While you may already know how things basically work for this kind of passive income setup, you’ll learn how Perpetual Income 365 can make your system more seamless and perfect.
Finally, the fourth video will address all the most commonly asked questions by new users.
The author will likewise be showing and teaching you how to identify and practice key factors and other tips that will help you even further.

Perpetual Income 365 Pros & Cons

​The ​Pros of Perpetual Income 365

  • Most of the hard work really IS ‘done for you’.
  • You don’t have to build a landing page, you don’t have to write high-converting landing page copy, and you don’t even need to way for website hosting to host your pages on your own domain!
  • ​It’s only $47.00 per MONTH, much cheaper than clickfunnels ( $97 per month), or most other competitors.
  • Your email list is YOURS forever, once the 31 days is finished in the auto-responder, you can promote OTHER products from CLickbank (or other networks) to them.


The ​Cons of Perpetual Income 365

  • ​You can’t modify the content on the money-pages.
  • ​You’re only able to promote the one product (for now), so there’s no variety of products to choose from.

What Can Users Learn From This Program?

  • In the first video, the author takes you through the basic concepts of affiliate marketing as well as how the model works. You will learn how to determine your ROI and also know the break-even point.
  • Next up, you learn how to make your first $2,000 from affiliate marketing in just one month. This is to enable you to set realistic and practical expectations.
  • The author also takes time to teach you about the business model used in the affiliate marketing program. Although it is based on the common model of affiliate marketing, Perpetual Income 365™ perfects it and even takes it to the next level.
  • Also, the author dedicates an entire video to the most frequently asked questions about affiliate marketing. He also teaches you some of the key things to be aware of as far as solo ad-vendors go. Other than the videos, you will also get a few features that make it a well-rounded method of diving headstrong into affiliate marketing.
  • The author wants the program to be usable to all people, whether you are a newbie or an experienced tech-savvy guy. This explains why it has generated so much interest within such a short time.

About the Perpetual Income 365 Author

Shawn Josiah is the person behind the product. He has been making a lot of money for the past few years by using this product only. Shawn has been actively seeking more knowledge about how one should go about making more money.
A few years back, he found out the algorithm which is used by companies like Netflix, which allows them to make a lot of money. Shawn claims that people who use it in a good way can increase their net worth by around 210 % very easily in no time. He wasn’t always rich though. Shawn also comes from a poor background. When he was sitting idle a few years back, he thought that why isn’t he earning the kind of money his friends are.
In the search for an answer to this question, he has now made himself millions of dollars. He has also helped a lot of people earning a lot of money. All of the perpetual income 365 reviews suggest that the Perpetual Income has changed their life. People have been earning more money since the time they have started using this product. Shawn never wanted to withhold all this information that he got from the people who needed this to sustain their life. So he made a whole course out of it, which is now available for you to purchase.
Perpetual Income 365 Price and Plans
If you want to purchase the course for one year, then you will have to pay $432. But if you go to the product’s website right now and get yourself signed up, you will not have to pay a single dollar. Everything becomes free for you for one year.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity of not only saving a lot of money but at the same time making more. All the support will be provided to you after you purchase the one year plan that you need. The company loves its new users.


What does Netflix have to do with Making Money Online?

As you know, the sales video makes the bold claim that ordinary people are manipulating the Secret Netflix Algorithm to make Perpetual Income Every Month.

What the heck is that all about? Let me explain 🤓

Earn money online with perpetual income 365

​​​​​Essentially​​​​​​, you’ll learn how ​to tap Into​ the science behind Netflix’s Highly Recurring Revenue Model and how you can use this secret to create a monthly recurring ​income for yourself!

​Without giving away too much – the training video on this portion explains Netflix’s abiltiy to market to us in a certain way to get us to sign up, and keep paying them every month like clockwork, for years.

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This video is just under 10 minutes, but really gave me a few “ah-ha” moments that really helped me understand (even more than I already did) how and why this system works so well.


A Supportive Group

Seeing users of Perpetual Income 365 earning consistent monthly earnings is sure to inspire you to continue with the program until you make it to the elite circle.

Purchasing the system makes you a member of a very supportive Facebook group where you can get sound advice and insider tips on the ins and outs of affiliate marketing.

Many have testified to the great results that this product has provided them. It’s most probably among the most legit ways to earn passive income online.

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The creator ensures you’re pleased by providing a 60-day money-back guarantee. You do not have to commit to using the program if you are not 100% satisfied. You can also contact the customer service and cancel your subscription. If you cancel your monthly subscription within the required time, you get a full refund. The creator does not ask you any questions for obtaining a full refund.

Summary - Perpetual Income 365 Review

Perpetual Income 365 may not promise you lucrative gains as shady programs do, but it will give you a practical and realistic goal that will prove useful in providing you earnings within just a few short weeks.

The great thing about this is that you’ll have the opportunity to learn more and strategize better while you’re already on your way to earning your first few hundred dollars.

In addition to the 60-day guarantee offered by Perpetual Income 365, you can also try the system for 14 days without commitment.

That should be enough to ‘feel’ if affiliate marketing is for you. And with all the benefits that the system provides, it’s a ‘win-win’ situation.

If you’re still wondering what the possible downside to this program is, then it’s most likely just the idea that it’s not going to be available offline and that it will still require you to learn—not only for the sake of income but for your future endeavors as well.