Make Money Online With Google – 2 Ways to Make Money

Make Money Online With Google – 2 Ways to Make Money

In today article we will talk about 2 ways to make money online with Google. As you know Google is one of the biggest search engine out there with more than 5,6 billion searches every day. Can you imagine, if you could take only 10% of all searches you would earn a lot of money.

Make Money Online With Google

One of the easiest and profitable ways to make money online with Google is to create your own blog, I know it might sounds intimidating but with just few hours of work you can have your website uop and running.

1. Create your own blog

In order to create your first blog you need the following things:

  • Domain
  • Hosting
  • SSL Certificate
  • Traffic

Selecting a hosting company it's one of the most important things when you create your first website because the hosting company will handle all website requests, if your hosting company does not have the necessary equipment or high experience in this field, your website can be down a lot of hours per week. Anyway one of the best hosting company out there band the #1 Wordpress recommendation is Bluehost. This company is one of the oldest hosting company and they power more than 1 million websites today. The setup is straightforward, just go to Bluehost select your favorite package, than, once the payment is done, your website is up and running. Now it's time to start create content for your website, my recommendation is to focus on creating high quality content. In first month you need to create new content almost everyday in order to start see results. When you have at least 50 blog posts on your website you need to create your Google Adsense account and add media banners on your website, also you can use affiliate marketing in your website if you have enough visitors.

Even if you choose to use Google Adsense or not, creating a blog/website it's probably one of the best decisions you could make because nowadays almost everyone has a website which generate or not a second stream of income.

2. Google Oppinon Rewards

This another way to make money online with google, evan if you won't be able to make the same amount of money as first method still it's a good way to earn extra money just by completing surveys for markets and other companies from your area. Google will pay between $0.10 - $1 per survey and you can complete all surveys which are available in your area.

Here are few payment proofs from Google Oppinion Rewards:

If you want to make a lot of money over night this method won't work for you but if you are looking for an application to make an extra income this is the best you can find, also if you like this type of applications to make money you can check these applications too.

These are just 2 of all methods you can use to make money online with google, as you can see in this post, first method is a little more complicated but in the end it will generate much more money than second one, but the second method have a lot of benefits because with just few minutes a days you can earn money you can use in your next holiday. If you decided to start your journey in making money online, than you have to choose to start your own website because in the long run you will have a lot of benefits, also for other methods to make money online check this section.

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