Make Money Online Free Using Your Laptop 2021

Make Money Online Free Using Your Laptop 2021

In this article we will talk about a method to make money online free and I will also show you a very cheap way to learn and get started as affiliate marketer, also after 15 days of training you will be able to make your first sale online.

If you search on Google or Youtube for make money online term you will notice that there are thousands of tutorials on how to make money online free and very fast but unfortunately a lot of these methods are not working or are over saturated. Today we will talk only about tested methods which have proven that work - but being free methods won't generate the same amount of money as paid methods. (some of them)

Make Money Online Free In 2021

One of the most profitable ways to make money online free is to create your own Youtube channel.

Make Money Online With A Youtube Channel

I know many of you are afraid to record a video and upload it on Youtube, especially if you need to show your face on the video, fortunately using this method you won't need to show your face in any video, you will need just to record your voice and I will show you how to create the video part and then upload it on Youtube.

Just to be clear, if you want to create your own Youtube channel, you will have to be consistent. I mean you don't have to give up after a month when you will see that you don't have the views you wanted to have or nobody subscribed to your channel - Youtube doesn't work this way, to give you a real life example: I know a guy who uploaded almost every day for 4 years without earning any money. But after 4 years of uploading Youtube finally find out his content and then he made few million dollars in revenue. So what I am trying to tell you here is that Youtube might won't rank your channel in the first month, but if you are consistent and upload quality content the results will come soon. Let's get back to the this method, basically you will create whiteboard animation videos using a software. The best software I found for whiteboard animations video is called VideoScribe. I am using this software for a month and I am very pleased about how it's working, they have a lot of assets from where you can choose also there are few images which costs extra money but I didn't bought any of them until now. If you need an image which is not in their library you can download it for free from Google and then upload in the platform.

How to create whiteboard video animations for Youtube

In order to understand better what I mean by whiteboard video animations I will show you a real life example on Youtbe with channels which have only whiteboard animations and they are making more than $2k-$3k a month: Practical Psychology go and check their channel and you will see they have only whiteboard video animation and also they have 1.9 million subscribers and 100,675,503 views which is awesome.

So in order to make this type of channel you will have to find a niche you would love to create content for and then just start creating your first videos, also please remember to be consistent with video uploading. This method is far one of the best method to make money online free.

Cheap method to make money online free

Affiliate marketing is one of the best business models you can try nowadays because it is very easy to scale it and earn even more money. Even if you are totally beginner or you have a little experience in affiliate marketing you will succeed with this method because the author of the program is one of the best outhere. I am talking about Legendary Marketer affiliate program which will teach in a 15 day challange all the core fundamentals you need to get started and make your first sale after the 15 days training. To understand better how the program works you can read a full Legendary Marketer review here on this website.

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