How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Step By Step

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Step By Step

In this article we will talk about a new method on how to make money with affiliate marketing. As you maybe already know affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable ways to earn money online. In order to make money as an affiliate you have to promote other people's/company's products in exchange of comission for evey sale you make, the comission can be between: 5% - 75% some website can offer more than that but there are very hard to find.

Even if you are a complete beginner or if you are an experienced affiliate marketer this method is for everyone doesn't matter your experience. In the following we will talk about two websites which will help you a lot on making money online.

Make money with Affiliate Marketing

There are two main parts where you have to focus when it comes to affiliate marketing. First part is about finding the perfect product to promote and second part is about prmoting, how to reach people and more important how to convince them to buy the product? We will talk about all of them in the following.

1. Finding a product

Finding a product it's easier than before because there are a lot of website where you can look for products to promote. In this article we will talk about those two websites: Muncheye and JVnotifypro.

These websites are used by the people who creates a product like a course or a software, so they come to these websites in order to promote their products.

In order to make money using the above website, you will have to check those two websites daily for new products, when you find a product which can be promoted easily you have to copy your affiliate link and start promoting it. When you look for new products to promote you have to be very careful because there are a lot of products which are not so good so will be a lot of refunds.

2. Promote the product

Once you have found a product you need to start promoting it. There are a lot of ways to promote products as affiliate marketer but in this tutorial we will talk about one particular method: Youtube.

Using the above website you will have to check the product landing page because on the landing page you will find all information you need for your videos.

In order words you will have to create review videos for all products you choose to promote, because when you do a review video, people who will look for your video are more likely to buy the product compared to those who finded your video in any other category on Youtube. If you look carefully, I am sure you will find at least one video for the product you want to promote, because those websites are very popular and are used by a lot of people.

I know a guy who make a lot of money using this particular method, just uploading videos with the products from the muncheye and jvnotifypro, you can check his channel here, as you can see on his channel he has more than 3 million views, you can imagine how much money he made.

This method is working but you will have to do your part in order to make money with affiliate marketing or this method. You will need to check the websites daily and pay attention to the products you want to promote because, as I said earlier there are a lot of products which are not so good as the author said. Let me in the comments section if you need any help with method. Also if you want to check other methods to make money with affiliate marketing you can check this post.

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