How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

Thanks to the technology which evolved a lot in the latest years, we can start our journey in making money online without paying anything. In this article we will talk about few methods on how to make money online without paying anythings, some of them can help you earn money as soon as you create an account.

1. Complete Online Surveys

The easiest and one of the most popular method on how to make money online without paying anythings is taking paid surveys. Sounds simple, right? My first recommendation for sourvey sites is Swagbucks - you also get $5 for creating a new account.

They allow you to earn money (SB which means Swagbucks points, 100 SB = $1 ) using different methods.

You can earn Swagbucks for things like:

  • Taking surveys
  • Watching videos
  • Playing games
  • Trying special offers
  • Shopping online
  • Using the Swagbucks search engine
  • Buying gift cards to many different stores and restaurants

They offer some gift cards at discounted rates, but those specials vary. For example, you may be able to get a $50 gift card to a particular retailer for 4700 SB, which would represent a 6% discount.

To get started go to Swagbucks and create your account, after registration you will be redirected to the dashboard. In this page you will have listed all surveys you can complete, also they let you know the time needed to complete the survey but also the money (SB points) you will earn after you complete the survey. Evan if the surveys can be the primary method, don't hesitate to try the others methods listed in your dashboard.

2. Create your own Youtube Channel

The second popular method on how to make money online without paying anything is to create your own Youtube channel. The video content has increased its value among US users so much that 80% of the USA users watch videos on theirs devices and this number will increase in the years to come, so if you want to start, this is the perfect moment.

As other businesses, you will have to do seriously work in order to succeed with your channel. The first step you have to take in order to get started is to find a niche you are passionate about, because if you don't like the topic it will be harder for you to generate money, but if you like the topic you will be able to create unique and engagement content for your subscribers. When it comes to Youtube, you have to think about it as a search engine, so pay attention to your titles, description, evan at what you are talking about in your video because the transcript can be also used to rank your video. Before to start the channel find your niche and read few tricks about Youtube SEO.

3. Complete tasks for other people

If you want to make serious money online you have to think about starting your freelance career. There is no place better to start than Fiverr. There are people which make more than $10,000/month doing different services for people using this platform.

If you have skills in a certain domain start by creating your services offers (gigs) on Fiverr and than try to promote them on Facebook and Instagram. At the beginning can be a little difficult because you will have no reviews at your services but you can always ask a friend to buy your service, than, he can leave you a nice review.

4. Test websites

Another easy way to start making your first money online is to be a website tester. More than 547000 new websites are created every day, so this business model will increase its value in the years to come. What should you do? You will have to test certain websites and apps and offer user feedback related to their designs and features.

You will be paid between $10 - $60 per test, the price can vary depending on what's the size of the website and how many features you need to test. The single problem with this type of income method is that there are a lot of testers so the opportunities are limited.

Few sites you can get started:

  1. UserFeel
  2. UserTesting

5. Create your own blog

The last method on how to make money online without paying anythings and probably the funniest one it's to start your own website. If you are passionated about one topic this is the perfect method for you. Nowadays it's very easy to start your own website, with just few clicks you are ready to start. There are a lot of free ways to create your first website: Wix or Blogger which offer to you all tools you need to start your website and start earning money.

First of all you will have to focus on your content, because the content will generate you traffic, few points to take into account when you start your blog:

  • Content is the king
  • Your content should be unique
  • At least 600 words per article
  • Learn SEO to get free traffic from search engines
  • Use social media to get more traffic (a nice method to make more money using Pinterest and your website)

Evan if free blogs are good when you just get started, a self-hosted website it's the best way to create your website, because you have more control on your website, there are dedicated support teams which will help you with any issue you encounter. My recommendation for a hosting company is Hostinger due to its low prices, you can start at $0.99/month and also you have included a free domain and a free SSL certificate.

I hope I helped you to find a method on how to make money online without paying anything, if you are confident in one of the above methods, you will have to stick to it until you learn all tricks which will make it a success, you just need to remember that every method needs time before it will start make money. You can check our make money online category for other free and paid methods to earn more money online.

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