How To Make Money Online With Photography While Sleeping

How To Make Money Online With Photography While Sleeping

If you are looking for a new ways on how to make money online with photography, you are in the right place because we will talk about on this topic in the following.

Creating multiple sources of passive income it's probably the best decision you could ever make, because we live in a crazy world and bad things can happen all the time, if you lose your job and your are not able to find a new job in time, a second passive income method can help you until you come back, just imagine, how nice it would be if you will be able to create more than one passive income method, if you are interested in this subject you will find a lot of articles on how to make money online.

How To Make Money Online With Photography

Websites, advertisers, self-publishers, app creators, copywriters and a lot of companies are looking every day for pictures and images to use in their campaigns, posts or in any other digital product/service which follows to be lunched. In the following I will show you the most profitable and easiest to set up methods on how to make money online with photography .

1. Apply effects or edit other's poeple photos

If you love what you are doing but also you have a lot of experience you will be able to help other people with your skill. A good pleace to start making money online is Fiverr. You can make small jobs for people like removing/changing a background or change the eye's color of a person - for this type of service you can charge your customers between $5 up to $200-$400, depending on what you offer.

Months ago, I purchased a stock image. The background was perfect, but I wanted a different person in the forefront instead of the one the image came with by default. I hired someone on Fiverr and they did a great job.

2. Create your own blog - learn people what you know

A lot of people want to learn a new hobby or they just want to make a living from photography. Starting a new blog is a good decision because it will generate you income from multiple sources: Google Adsense would be the first method of income you will use on your blog and second you will be able to promote your own services on the website, in other words you will advertise yourself for free.

It doesn't matter how much experience you have building a new website because nowadays is very easy to set up a new one by yourself. Just go and click on Get Started. In few than 10 minutes you will have your website using Wordpress up and running. I recommend Bluehost because it's the official Wordpress hosting company and they power more than 2 milion website world wide, and they are very cheap, their plan start at just $3.95/month.

Start to create content (this is what will make your blog successful), make it unique and easy to read, offer value to your readers.

3. Start your Youtube Channel

Another very profitable method on how to make money online with photography it's to start your own Youtube channel. I watch a lot of video of content on Youtube especially tutorials on different domains. You can start your own tutorials video channel.

If you have an idea about photography – whether taking photos, using specific equipment or creating a product out of photos, you can start a channel and create some shorter tutorials to gain a following. Once your audience increase you can start selling products and your own course/service.

4. Create an onnline photography course

Online courses are very popular these days. People love to learn online. It’s convenient, it can be done from home and for the most part, it’s affordable.

If you’re a skilled photographer, you can teach others what you know. Visit Udemy or Skillshare and see what courses they offer to get inspired to create your own.

5. Sell your photos to Stock Websites

Probably this is the easiest method you can start with, because you just need some unused photos from your previews work. The first place to check, it's your past work. If you are a very experienced photographer, you will definitely find a lot of unused photos which can be uploaded to Shutterstock. Also make sure you read theirs terms and conditions before get started.

6. Take product photos

Another method on how to make money online with photography is to look in apps like Food Panda, Glovo (or any other app from this niche) for restaurant which doesn't have photos with their products. Believe it or not, restaurants pay a lot of money in order to have great photos in apps like these because this is what make them money.

If you will do a good cover for their dishes, the restaurant’s income will increase in the next months, so you can be hired again when new dishes will appear. This is just for one restaurant, but there are new restaurants which open almost every day, you need to use your laptop and send them price offers and few samples with your past work.

As you can see there are a lot of methods on how to make moeny online with photography, and this is just the beginning, I am sure there are many more methods to increase your income but you have to need what you would like to do in online in order to generate an extra income. My recommendation is to start your own blog, even if you prefer other methods from our list, you can start a blog even if you like something else, also you can check here other methods and ideas in order to increase your online revenue.

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