How To Invest In Commodities – Step by step tutorial

How To Invest In Commodities – Step by step tutorial

In this article we will talk about how to invest in commodities and also about the benefits you have investing in this type of stock. Nowadays almost everyone invest money online because it's easier than before, with just few clicks you can buy stocks at any company you want. In the following I will show one of the most popular and secured way to invest money in commodities.

How To Invest In Commodities

To get started with investing you have to create a free account on Etoro. Etoro is the world's leading social trading platform with thousand of options for traders and investors. I use this platform and I am very happy with it because it has a lot of features which allows you to make evan more money, I found this platform searching for the exact term how to invest in commodities, until then I check the app every day and I am trying to deposit money every month. The main benefits of the platform:

  • Multi asset platform - The traders and investors have access to more than 2000 different financial assets including: ETFs, indices, currencies, cryptocurrencies, stocks and commodities (Gold, oil, silver, copper, natgas, platinum, palladium, sugar, cotton, cocoa, wheat, aluminum, nickel, and many more)
  • Low fees and commission - When you open a non-leveraged position on a stock or ETF, the commission is 0%, no fees and no hidden charges.
  • Social Trading - Etoro has a big community more than 10 million users from more than 140 countries. The best thing about it is that you can read other investors advices and also you can see their portfolio or if you want you can copy any investor on platform.
  • Demo account $100k - After you create an account on Etoro you can choose from 2 different types of account: Real (first type of account) where you will invest real money on a real market, Virtual (second type of account) where you get $100k (virtual money), so you can use it in order to learn the platform. It's a very nice feature because it allows you to get used to the app without risking losing money.
  • Ready made Investment Portfolios
  • CopyTrader
  • Protecting your funds and personal information

Now you know some of the main benefits of the platform but still how to invest in commodities? Let me explain you step by step what you have to do:

Step 1. Create a free account here. The registration process it's straightforward you have to complete your username email and password, then, in the next step you will have to provide some personal information.

Step 2. Once your account is ready you'll have to make your first deposit. To do so click the blue button from bottom-left corner.

Then, in the popup you have to complete all fields: amount, card number, expiration date, security code and so on. Until few weeks ago the minimum amount of deposit was $200, now it was increased to $500 - anyway there is no problem here because you don't need to invest all the money, also you can withdraw all earnings you want, the withdrawal minimum is $30.

Step 3. In the search box (top header) type in Gold, or silver or anything you want to trade. Click it, then in the next page you have Trade button. Once you click the button, a popup will open.

The main fields where you have to pay attention to are:

  • Stop loss - this means that the market go down and you start lose money, the trade will be automatically closed when it hits -$40.
  • Take profit - this means that the market go up, when you hit $45 profit the trade will be automatically closed.

You can change the stop loss and take profit amount as you wish.

Step 4. Click open trade button and that's it. Now go on Portfolio page where you can see how your trade is going.

This is one of the most popular methods on how to invest in commodities. For other posts on how to make money online check these posts.

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