Best Way To Make Money Online In 24 Hours

Best Way To Make Money Online In 24 Hours

Today we will talk about the best way to make money online as an affiliate marketer in first 24 hours. As you know affiliate marketing is one of the most popular methods to earn money online because it works very simple - people who creates products like a course or a software need other peoples to promote and sell their products, these people usually make 6 or evan 7 figures, so you can get a piece of the pie just for selling their products.

Best Way To Make Money Online

What makes this method the best way to make money online it's the fact that you can repeat the method many times per day and test them very fast, when you found a winner product you can concentrate only on it. In this tutorial we will use Clickbank as our affiliate marketplace and we will concentrate on a particular category: Spirituality, New Age & Alternative Beliefs. There are a lot of products in this category which convert very well.

In this tutorial we will use this product: The Bioenergy Code - $1.50+ Epcs - Optimized For Jan 2021

product to promote on clickbank

As you can see in the above screenshot initial commission is about $47 and the average comission is $51 which is very good because you will earn a lot of money if people will buy the product, however, if you want to promote another product feel free to choose it, but this one convert very well this year.

If you are a complete beginner you need to read this section, if not you can go to the next one. Clicking on Promote button you will get your affiliate link which will be used to track people who click or bought your product, just click on Promote button, than in the popup which will appear, click on Generate Hoplinks button and copy your affiliate link.

Now we have the product, we have the link to promote the only thing which is missing is the traffic. In order to make money with this particular method we need to reach people who are interested in buying this type of product, so we need to open Instagram and find pages related to this niche, I will give you some examples of pages you can use to promote your affiliate link:

  • Manifestation_quirk
  • Lawofattractionlive
  • Manifestationmagics
  • Numerology1010
  • Lawofattractionworld

These pages are just few of them, if you click on suggested pages you will find a lot more pages. Now you will have to contact every page and ask them a price to add your affiliate link in their bio for 24 hours and also to post your photo on the account. In order to create a quality post you need to pay attention to their branding and make your photo with their colors and fonts. To ease your work you can use Canva, which is a free tool to create this type of posts. Just create a free account on Canva, than click on Create Design button and add in the search box: Instagram Post.

Then you will be redirected to a page where you can start creating your design.

Until now, you should have your product affiliate link, you already found the Instagram pages where you will post your offer, you have just made your Instagram post, but we still miss one thing to be ready to go. In order to promote Clickbank offers on Instagram you need a redirect tool or a landing page which will redirect to the Clickbank offer because Instagram and Facebook does not allow direct insertion of Clickbank offers in the bio so we have few alternatives here.

If you are complete beginner I recommend using Linktree which is a tool which will create a page with any links you want. Go to Linktree, create a free account and add your affilaite link to the page, than you can send your Linktree URL to the Instagram influencer to post on his/her bio. If you are not a beginner you can use Clickfunnel, which is one of the best page builders out ther, and create a bridge page where you will save all visitors emails in a list, after they submit their emails you will redirect them to the Clickbank offer, in this way you will store all emails and you will be able to send them emails with new offers in the future.

Even if you choose Linktree or Clickfunnel, the method is the same, in the next 24 hours you should see some conversion in your Clickbank account.

This method is one of the best way to make money online because with just few hours of work you can generate a lot of money, especially if the Instagram page you choose converts well. There are a lot of people which makes a lot of money using this particular method and for sure this is the best way to make money online fast. Also if you are interested in other affiliate marketing programs you can check this one.

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