10 Ways To Make Money Online As A Programmer

10 Ways To Make Money Online As A Programmer

If you are a programmer and you want to increase your online earnings you are in the right place. In this article, we will talk about 20 ways to make money online as a programmer.

Let's face it, as a programmer you have a lot of benefits because any person who wants to go online, they need a website, so your skills are very valuable nowadays, the single problem here is that you need to have a lot of clients and if you don't know how to find them, then you will need to work for a company, which is not so bad because as a programmer you have a high salary.

However, if you are looking for financial freedom, then creating multiple sources of income is the best thing you can do to achieve this thing.

10 Ways To Make Money Online As A Programmer

In the following, we will talk about different methods to make money online as a programmer, the methods below, don't follow an order of importance or profitability, any method below will make money for you if you stick enough to it to understand and learn every aspect of it, to make your first money.

1. Freelancing

Freelancing is very profitable if you know how to sell your knowledge and also you know how to find good clients. Finding your clients is one of the most important things in the freelancing business because many clients want a lot of features on their websites but will pay a small price, unfortunately, when you just started in this business you will have to get any client to build your portfolio, but once you get some experience you grow your portfolio, you can be more selective with your clients. The average salary as a freelancer is around $75,000 / year, of course, this amount can double even triple when you have more experience. You can start on websites like: upwork.com or freelancer.com

2. Create your own course

The second method in our list of making money online as a programmer is making an online course. I am sure you saw a lot of people making courses nowadays, did you asked yourself why? Because it is very profitable for the person who makes the course, and due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many people get stuck in their homes, so they are trying to learn new skills.

As a programmer, there are a lot of topics you can choose for your course, let me give you some examples:

  • Develop a wordpress theme from scratch
  • Develop a wordpress plugin
  • How to optimize speed and security for a website

3. Create your own Youtube channel

If you don't think that you will be able to create an entire course, there is no problem because Youtube has a big audience the only thing you need to do is to create weekly content for your subscribers.

The first thing you need to do if you want to create your Youtube channel is to make some research about your competitors and see what they are doing, and think about what you can do better than them.

4. Create a Fiverr account

Fiverr is the biggest marketplace for services in the world. As a programmer, there are a lot of services you can offer for good money, but you will need to make some research and find all types of services you can offer to your clients.

The best thing about Fiverr is that you can sell almost any type of service, let me show you some examples of services that pay between $20 - $500

  1. Installing GA codes
  2. Installing Facebook Pixel
  3. Creating Custom Post types in Wordpress
  4. Creating a simple Blog in Wordpress
  5. Simple customizations tasks

These are just a few examples of services you can do as a programmer on Fiverr.

5. Investing

Due to the evolution of technology, investing in the stock market is easier than ever. For many programmers, saving money is just good enough. It is a very simple thing to do. You get your salary deposited into your bank account. You spend some of it and you save the rest. The single problem here is that idle money does not bring anything in return, so the best alternative here is to start investing your money. I am talking about day trading because this is a full-time job and you will waste your energy trying to make some money.

Choosing few companies you like and investing a certain amount of money in will bring you some profits in the long term.

6. Create your own blog

If you already know how to create a website from scratch or software, why don't you create your own blog and help other people learn new skills. Creating your own blog is one of the best side hustle you can make because it can generate you a lot of passive income. As you know the blogging business is exploding, more and more people create new blogs every day. Why not be one of them?

7. Create your own product

This is one of the easiest methods on our list on how to make money as a programmer because you already have everything you need to create something from nothing. I mean you don't need to pay a lot of people to create it for you because you already have the skills you need to create your own products. Once the product is ready you can find marketplaces like ThemeForest, Envato, mojo marketplace, and many more.

The best thing about this method is that you just need to create it once, then you can sell it to thousands of people. There are a lot of programmers that make a full-time job from this side hustle.

8. Develop your own application

Smartphones have become the most used devices around the world in the lastest years, so why don't you jump into this market? Creating your own app will give you the possibility to create a passive income by using ads or subscriptions in-app.

9. Participates in coding competitions

If you are confident in your skills you can start participating in coding competitions and win a good amount of money. Some of the most popular coding contests include Topcoder, CodeChef, HTML5 Contest, and Calling All Innovators, but there are definitely more out there.

There are 3 competition areas:

  • Design
  • Development
  • Data science

Top programmers solve real-life problems for 2,500 global customers, competing in single-round tournaments where both skills and fun are emphasized.

Why not jump into a contest or two and try your luck? Just like any other competition, you get paid for emerging victorious. And aside from a sweet cash injection to your bank account, competitions like Topcoder offer online programs where networking is key.

10. Write And Sell An Ebook

This is an easy method to make money because if you already have the know-how, you just need to create a nice tutorial and help other people learn new skills. I say this method is easy because you can take advantage of Amazon clients. As you know Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce in the world and has more than 1 million customers daily.

As you can see there are a lot of ways you can make money online as a programmer. You just need to find the perfect method for you and stick to it until you learn every aspect of the business. Also, you have to understand that you probably won't make money in your first month but you need to be consistent and keep the good work.

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