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6 Website To Make $100 A Day In 2021

There are a lot of websites you can use to make $100 a day and today we will talk about 6 of them. These websites are tested by a lot of people and you will sell in the following that some methods are more easier than others.

6 Website To Make $100 A Day

As I said earlier there are a lot of websites and apps which can help you make $100 a day online but in this article we will talk only about 6 of them, so let’s get started.

1. – First on our list it’s Youtube because you can make a lot of money if you create a channel and create content weekly. In order to succeed with Youtube you need to be persevering with what you do and also the most important things is to create value. There are a lot of people on Youtube which creates video just for money, evan if they can succeed in the beginning, lately the people will find out his intentions. So, in order to make money on Youtube you have to pay attention to the following:

  • Create content weekly (2-3 videos per week at least)
  • Produce high quality content that provides value
  • High watch time
  • High CTR
  • Make engagement thumbnails

2. – A second website that you can use to make $100 a day is called Clickbank. You will do affiliate marketing on this website, you will need to sell others’ people products and get a comission for it. This website is one of the best to get started and also it’s well known that you start learning affiliate marketing you can make more than $100 day. Some tips about clickbank:

  • Pick a niche and build up an audience around that niche
  • Check the affiliate page for insights about the product you are promoting
  • Once you start getting sales, ask the vendor for a comission boost so you will make more money each sale

3. – For this website you don’t need any skill in order to make $100 a day because you just need to check the snickers and buy at the lowest price. Open the webiste and scroll down until you reach the Release Calendar, here you can see when the shoes will be realeased. Click on any product and scroll down until you see the Retail price.

So you can buy them cheaper and sell them more expensive, few tips about this website:

  • Check constantly the website for new releases and how shoes are performing
  • Go to the local mall in your area to try to find a shoe plug so you can buy multiple pairs of the newest releases
  • Be patient. The price of some shoes go up after few weeks so if you are patient you can make evan more money.

4. – For sure using this website you can make $100 a day selling your own product or service or by doing dropshipping. You can find thousand of tutorials about dropshipping on Google, also you can find here on our website some tutorials about dropshipping. This model business exploded few years ago and for sure it will work in the future, so if you have a niche you like in ecommerce space, there is no time better than now to start your own ecommerce website.

  • Find high quality products to sell using websites like dropshipp rabit
  • Test multiple products and give it time to see results. Don’t just do it for 1 or 2 days and than quit
  • Have a great customer service and find a way to get faster shipping times if you want to scale.

5. – All you need to do in order to make money using this website is to upload your design on t-shirt products. Just go on the website create a free account and than start selling. You jst need catchy design which will make people buy it. Few tips:

  • Have a great design
  • Learn ads and IG influencers because in that way you can send people to your designs in order to buy.
  • Experiment with different designs

6. – The last on our list is Fiverr which can make you a lot of money. If you are a freelancer or if you have particular skills, just go on the website create a seller account and start add your services. There are a lot of categories from where you can choose one: Graphics & Design, Digital Marketing, Writing & Translating, Video & Animation and a lot more. Few tips to get started:

  • Offer your services for cheap at first to get orders in and make some reviews
  • Have your friends and family leave reviews
  • Under promise and over deliver

These is our list for you guys, I hope you found at least one website useful and also remember if you start your journey to make $100 a day don’t quit until you get there. If you want know more methods to make money online check here.

Affiliate Marketing Make Money From Home Make Money Online

How To Make 200 In a Day Step By Step Tutorial

In this tutorial we will talk about an easy method on how to make 200 in a day from your home using free traffic. For this particular method we don’t need a website or any investment, we will use free tools and traffic.

In order to generate this amount of money we will have to reach a lot of people and help them to solve a problem and probably you are asking yourself how can we do thtat? We will talk about this in the following but before that you will have to create a free account on Clickbank.

How To Make 200 In a Day

Evan if you are a complete beginner or you already have experience in affiliate marketing, you will be able to use this particular method to earn $200 a day using only free tools and also free traffic. Let’s get started with first steps on how to make 200 in a day.

Step 1. In order to get started with this method you need a website from where you can choose products to promote, to get a comission when a sale is made. There are a lot of website from where you can choose but in our case we will use Clickbank. If you don’t have an account, go to the website and create a free account.

Step 2. Now we need to find some topics or forums where people need help with different problems, so we can advice them to use our products. This is the most important step and you have to pay attention to it because if your post (on these forums) will sounds like a sell speach they won’t buy, so you have to post like somebody which wants to help. For this particular example we will use Quora.

Let’s get started. Now that we have all steps we need to get started, we will use as an example “dating” niche.

Go to Clickbank, click on marketplace and add in the search box “dating”, in a few moments will appear a lot of products dating related and you will have to choose one of them, please make sure the product is a good one, when you choose a product you have to make some checks:

  • find reviews of the product on google
  • check if there is any complaints about the product

As you can see in the above screenshot there are a lot of products in the dating niche so don’t worry about that, just check them and see what fits the best.

Now we move forward with our method on how to make 200 in a day to the traffic, which is the most important part.

Go to Quora (if you don’t have an account, create one, it’s completely pletly free) and type in the search box: dating, when the search results page appear, it will say that there is no question about this search term but in the left sidebar there is a button “Questions” click it, than you will see a lot of question related to your search term.

Look in the above screenshot guys, there are a lot of questions here related to dating. Now you just need to create content for your answer in order to help people with their problem, but you have to pay attention to the content your write because it doesn’t have to sound like spam because you will be banned.

Let me know in the comments section if you have any question about this method on how to make 200 in a day and I will help you with any issue, also if you want to know other methods like this check this section about making money online.

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How To Make $100 A Day Beginners Method Step By Step

In this tutorial we will talk about a new method on how to make $100 a day using your laptop. For this particular method we will use Youtube (Ad revenue) for making money, but the best part about this method is that you won’t have to make your own videos because I will show you a method how to download videos which are allowed to be reuploaded on Youtube.

This method is very easy to do and it takes only 30-40 minutes a day for one video, you can upload how many videos you want per day, more videos means more dollars.

How to make $100 a day

In order to make money using Youtube Ad Revenue we will have to find popular topics. To do that we will need to do some research and find a niche. In this article we will use as example: Dota 2. As you know this game is very popular, it has more than 11 million active players, so we can think that this can be a very popular topic.

Now, you probably asking yourself how can you upload a video on Youtube without being banned by Youtube.

This is not so complicated because once you did your research and found the niche you want to upload videos for you did half of the job.

Step 1. You have the niche, go to Youtube and add in the search bar: Dota 2 (you will search for your own niche). A lot of videos will appear there but we need to find only videos which are allowed to be used in other people videos.

Step 2. Click on Filters button (is right under the search input), once the dropdown is open, click on Creative Commons button (on fourth column). Creative Commons license means that you can use any part of the video without getting banned by Youtube. Even if you can use the video, you won’t be able to reupload the entire video, so we will have to edit a little the video. Also, you are going to check that the CC video you are using is actually a Creative Common video. Because there are many cases in which people upload others video as CC and then if someone use it that person get a copyright strick.

Step 3. Find a free tool to download the video and than download Camtasia if you are using Windows, or iMovie if you use Apple products.

Step 4. Edit the video using Camtasia or iMovie and just remove few parts of the video. If the original video has 10 minutes length, your video should have 8 minutes length. Also you can add your own intro and outro.

Step 5. Upload the video to Youtube and repeat the method.

Another way to get videos for Youtube is to download them from Vimeo or any other video platform,. modify the video a little and re-upload it.

This is one of the easiest methods on how to make $100 a day, you just need to make your research and do a little work on video editting. The best part about this method is that you can upload how many videos you want per day and in a few weeks you should already pass the monetization step and start earning. Let me know what you think about this particular method, also if you have any question or you need help implementing it just let me know in comments section.

If you are looking for other ways to make money online you check this post about affiliate marketing, it’s a step-by-step program which will help you make a lot of money online from you home with few hours of work per day.

Affiliate Marketing

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Step By Step

In this article we will talk about a new method on how to make money with affiliate marketing. As you maybe already know affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable ways to earn money online. In order to make money as an affiliate you have to promote other people’s/company’s products in exchange of comission for evey sale you make, the comission can be between: 5% – 75% some website can offer more than that but there are very hard to find.

Even if you are a complete beginner or if you are an experienced affiliate marketer this method is for everyone doesn’t matter your experience. In the following we will talk about two websites which will help you a lot on making money online.

Make money with Affiliate Marketing

There are two main parts where you have to focus when it comes to affiliate marketing. First part is about finding the perfect product to promote and second part is about prmoting, how to reach people and more important how to convince them to buy the product? We will talk about all of them in the following.

1. Finding a product

Finding a product it’s easier than before because there are a lot of website where you can look for products to promote. In this article we will talk about those two websites: Muncheye and JVnotifypro.

These websites are used by the people who creates a product like a course or a software, so they come to these websites in order to promote their products.

In order to make money using the above website, you will have to check those two websites daily for new products, when you find a product which can be promoted easily you have to copy your affiliate link and start promoting it. When you look for new products to promote you have to be very careful because there are a lot of products which are not so good so will be a lot of refunds.

2. Promote the product

Once you have found a product you need to start promoting it. There are a lot of ways to promote products as affiliate marketer but in this tutorial we will talk about one particular method: Youtube.

Using the above website you will have to check the product landing page because on the landing page you will find all information you need for your videos.

In order words you will have to create review videos for all products you choose to promote, because when you do a review video, people who will look for your video are more likely to buy the product compared to those who finded your video in any other category on Youtube. If you look carefully, I am sure you will find at least one video for the product you want to promote, because those websites are very popular and are used by a lot of people.

I know a guy who make a lot of money using this particular method, just uploading videos with the products from the muncheye and jvnotifypro, you can check his channel here, as you can see on his channel he has more than 3 million views, you can imagine how much money he made.

This method is working but you will have to do your part in order to make money with affiliate marketing or this method. You will need to check the websites daily and pay attention to the products you want to promote because, as I said earlier there are a lot of products which are not so good as the author said. Let me in the comments section if you need any help with method. Also if you want to check other methods to make money with affiliate marketing you can check this post.

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How To Make Money From Home As A Kid – Beginner Method

Today we will talk about the easiest method on how to make money from home as a kid. As technology evolves new methods of making money online appear every day, so you don’t need to wait until you reach the required age in order to start making money.

How To Make Money From Home As A Kid

In a few minutes you will start your journey as Affiliate Marketer. Affiliate Marketing business worked 5 years ago and it will continue to generate billions of dollars in the coming years.

There are more than 3.5 billion people online as of recent studies and these people are going to use search engines, social media, or visiting websites for help all the time, among other stuffs, these people will look for solutions to their problems, information or just to buy stuff.

This is where you are going to come in as a solution to their problem, in other words you need to find a problem where people need solutions. You maybe are wondering how can you help those people? With a website where you can give them information about what they are looking for. By “giving” I mean you will recommend products and services they will benefit from and you will earn between 30%-75% affiliate commissions for every sale.

There are more than 600 million products and services that can be promoted as an affiliate marketer, you have to make the first step: get started.

To be able to start making money online with this method, you have to understand the make money process.

To get started in this business you need to start a niche website. Selecting a niche it’s very first step you have to take in your online business. A niche can be everything you want to talk about, even if you don’t have too much experience in a niche and you can’t provide to much information about the topic, you can find all information you need on the Internet, just use google.

Once you found a niche, you can start your website in order to get attention of your audience and start earning commissions.

Make money as a beginner

More and more people are looking for new ways on how to make money online as a kid, but you have to understand from the beginning that you have to dedicate yourself in any method you pick. Many users fail to make money online because they try a method and if it doesn’t work immediately they stop and try to find other method and so on, so don’t do the same mistake, stay stick to a method until you are 100% sure that a certain method is not working and than you can try to find other methods.

Now let’s come back to our discussion, if you are beginner and you don’t know how to find your niche, start your own website and create content for it, there is no reason to worry because all affiliate marketers started from this point. The easiest way to learn all required things to get started is to free sign-up here and go to the Training (it’s a link in the top-left part of the screen, in header) section.

You can start with the Entrepreneur section or if you want to get started with your website go to the Affiliate Bootcamp. In this course you will learn all things you need to get started. How to find your niche using Amazon, than how to setup your website and start creating content for your website.

I hope you found useful this method on how to make money online as a kid, let me know your opinion in the comments section and if you need any help let me know, also if you are interested in other methods to make money online, you can check our review for this method.