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How To Make Extra Money From Home Step By Step Tutorial

In this tutorial we will talk about a simple method on how to make extra money from home without any investment just by uploading videos to Youtube, also using this method you won’t need to show your face on videos. As you probably know Youtube is one of the easiest way to make extra money and it’s very profitable if you are consistent and offer value through your videos.

How To Make Extra Money From Home

To get strated you need to create a new account on Youtube and start peronalize your channel. Create profile and cover image also pay attention to channel tags and description. There are a lot of tutorials for Youtube SEO you can use to make your channel looks professional. To most important thing to make this method generate money for you is to offer value to the people, if you do this only to make money it won’t work because the value of your content will be poor if your only purpose is to make money, so my recommendation is to focus on content quality not on making money. You probably ask yourself how to make extra money from home using Youtube? Let me give you more details.

Step 1. To get started you need to find a niche you are passionate about and start doing some research on Youtube to see what other people do. Once you find your niche you have to focus to create quality content, to do that we will use a whiteboard video animation software.

  1. Videoscribe is one of the most completed software you can use to create Whiteboard video animation because it offers a lot of in-built images you can use for your animation, also it is very easy to use, you can add voice over using the app, also if you don’t find a certain type of image in their ap, you can upload it directly from your computer. I am using this app for this type of videos and I am very pleased about how it works.
  2. RenderForest another software which can help you to create whiteboard animation is RenderForest. You can create a lot of animations, also it has a nice tool which allow you to create custom logos by providing the brand’s name. Compared with Videoscribe, it hasn’t so much in-built assets and also the features for video animation are poorer but still you can use it to create whiteboard videos for this method.

Step 2. Until now you have your Youtube account, a video software to create awesome videos, now we need to focus on creating videos. To do that I will show you few Youtube channels to understand better what you will have to do, also I will add here the amount of money they are doing every month.

First channel to check is Practical Psychology which have more than 1.9 million subscriber and a total of 100,198,818 views, check all theirs videos and you will see they have only whiteboard videos animated, but they offer value to their subscribers by creating quality content.

As you can see in the above screenshot they make between $170 – $2.7k per month, but I know for sure that this website offer lower statistics. They make more than 2.7k per month.

The second channel you can use for inspiration is The Better Men Project with 348k subscribers and 20,568,493 views this channel makes a lot of money because it’s in financial niche which cost per 1000 views is higher compared with other niches.

I am sure they make more than $1.7k per month because this niche have high prices than others.

Let me know what you think about this method on how to make extra money from home in the comments section also if you want to learn new method on how to make extra money from home you can check our posts here.

Make Money Online Make Money On Youtube

How To Make Money On Youtube Posting Simple Clips Tutorial

In today tutorial we will talk about how to make money on Youtube using a simple still strong method to generate views to your channel. Evan if you have a monetized channel or not, it won’t matter because if you do exactly all steps required for this method you channel will hit very fast the requirements for monetization approval.

Using this particular method you will record few videos a week and than upload them on Youtube, now you maybe ask yourself how to make money on Youtube without showing my face? I know it might sounds intimidating but believe me everybody who started with a Youtube channel had the same fear you have right now. You just need to get started and than everything will become more easier than was before.

How to make money on Youtube without showing your face

The method we will talk in the following it’s a method you can start with until you accommodate yourself with Youtube world. Using this method weekly will help you understand better how Youtube algorithms works, also it will help you learn new skills: video editing, voice editing, image manipulation and so on.

In order to get started make sure you have all tools you need to complete this method:

  • Recording software – If you use Macbook you can use iMovie which is one of the best free tools. Also if you use Windows, you can use Openshot Video Editor, it’s free too and it has a lot of built in templates and transition. The Openshot Video Editor tool is also available for Macbook users.
  • Youtube channel – If you don’t have a channel go to Youtube and create your first channel. It’s a straightforward process and it will take you just few minutes to be ready. After registration please make sure you complete all fields like: channel description, profile image, cover image. All these fields are very important because when the first visitors will start coming they won’t subscribe to your channel if your channel does not look professional, they will go to your competitor’s channel which have cover and profile photos and they will subscribe to their channel. I will show you some tricks and tips to optimise your channel but in other post.
  • Internet connection – This is all you need to use this method and start make money on Youtube.

How to make money on Youtube

At this point you should have all you need to start making your first video for Youtube, but still how to make money on Youtube?

Let me explain you the process . For this tutorial we will use “meditation” niche which is very popular and a lot of people are looking for ways of doing yoga and meditation from their home, so we will make Youtube videos with an image and we will record a script using the above tools. As you can see in the below screenshot there are a lot of videos which have just one image and they record their voice, don’t worry about the script because I will show you how to find a meditation script for free on Google.

There are thousands of videos with no special video recorded, just an image or a video loop with nature or something like that, this is what you have to do too, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, just go on Youtube and search for “guided meditation”, you have to do what everybody is doing.

How to find a script for your video

Now we need to find a script for our video, to do that go on Google and search for “guided meditation script”, as you will see, there are thousands of websites which will give you what you need, you just need to read them in a special voice tone and than upload the video to Youtube.

This is all you have to do in order to start making your first money on Youtube, evan if we use guided meditation as example in this tutorial you are free to use any niche you want, maybe you have a certain niche where you have a lot of experience, just give it a try. Let me know what are you opinions about this method on how to make money on Youtube, also if you have any question let me know in the comments section and I will try to help you. If you want to know more methods to make money online check our posts here.